Here, you will find information and articles covering British, European and American vintage radio, with a bias to the 1930's and Art Deco.

  • 90 Volt Battery Eliminator

    Unfortunately 90 volt batteries have not been made for the last 40 years. This battery eliminator will power your portable radio, provides the 90 volt HT and a fully regulated 1.4 volt LT for the heaters.

  • Two Tube Regenerative Receiver

    Our popular iGen Max Medium Wave regen radio kit, works off 12 volt battery or mains power. Hybrid design, using vacuum tubes as RF amplifier and detector and a solid state audio amplifier.

  • 50MHz Frequency Counter  with IF Offset

    This module is a highly flexible frequency counter that incorporates programmable IF offset (parameters are stored in nonvolatile EEPROM). Fully built and calibrated (not a kit).

  • 40MHz Programable VFO Module

    This board will control one of the small AD9850 DDS (5 volt) modules available on eBay. It supports a 16x2 line LCD display showing the operating frequency, band and step size. The frequency can be adjusted using either a rotary encoder or two push buttons.

  • Tube Super Heterodyne Radio Kit

    Build your very own super-heterodyne radio. Simple to follow instructions! You get all the parts including silk screened printed circuit board,  tubes, sockets, tuning capacitor, coils, and speaker.

    Limited Edition