Links to Radio Related Sites and Places of Interest

Our Main Site
6V6 Vintage Components on-line store based in the UK, hobby radio kits, transmitters, modules and spare parts.
Other Sites of Interest
Antique Radios Good source of US spare parts
British Vintage Wireless Society
OTR Now One of the first and still one of the best sources of Old Time Radio recordings, CD's and live "webcasts" - and friendly people too.
Old Time Radio Catalog Old Time Radio shows and programs on MP3 CD - extensive collection of comedy, music, mystery, and more. Free Sampler. Order Online.
Past Times Radio Richard Booth - Vintage and Antique Radios Sales, Components and Restoration and Repairs Service.
The Philco Repair Bench Welcome to the Philco Repair Bench! Here you'll find many resources for the Philco radio collector and restorer.
Vintage Radio Paul Stenning - truly outstanding site with a wealth of information and a must for all vintage radio enthusiasts.
Wampus Old Radio World  Wumpus´s Old Radio World. Old-time radio sets, tubes, transistors, phones, crystal receivers, wireless history, Volksempfangers, schematics, dating service, replacement parts.

Downloadable Software
Hurricane Remote Control BLE V3.0 (Android) Android .apk (for self install on Android Tablets)
Hurricane Remote Control BLE V3.1 (Android) Android .apk (for self install on Android Phones like Samsung)