iGen Tube Regenerative Receiver Kit

Igen Tube Kit

If you ever wondered how those early radio and wireless receivers from the 1920's worked, then why not build your very own. Or maybe you just want to learn how valves work, but are afraid to tackle a mains powered set, then try this battery powered kit, it is a great way to learn a new hobby!

The iGen Max regenerative radio receivers based on original 1930's designs with a modern twist.

In 1912, the brilliant American inventor, Edwin Howard Armstrong, discovered a method of feeding the signal from the Audion's (tube) plate back through its grid, which increased the amplification capabilities of the circuit many times. He found that increasing this feedback caused the valve (tube) to oscillate at radio frequencies. This valve (tube) made selective reception and amplification of radio signals not only possible, but easy. Armstrong's invention was unique in that it performed three functions in one circuit: it was a rectifying detector, a positive feedback amplifier, and a oscillator all in one envelope. This stunning invention, known as the "regenerative detector", raised the radio receiver to a level that made broadcast radio reception accessible to the masses of the world.

The iGen receivers run off 18 volts, so are completely safe to build and use, no nasty high voltages, it is a great way to learn a new hobby!

Easy assembly - all the components are mounted on a high quality silk-screened fibre glass printed circuit board. No coils to wind for Medium Wave that has already been done for you! And simple to follow instructions with both schematics and wiring diagrams!

You get a manual, all the parts including valves, sockets, jack plugs, tuning controls, coils, resistors, wire, nuts and bolts etc.


  • Type: Regenerative Hybrid Tube and Solid State
  • Tube #1: RF Amplifier stage
  • Tube #2: RF Detector stage
  • Tuning: Varactor diode for Regen stages
  • IC Amp: 1/3 watt Audio amplifier stage
  • PCB: high quality silk screened printed circuit board
  • Power 18v (2 x PP3), 1.5v DC Batteries
  • Coverage: Broadcast Band / Medium Wave
  • Controls: Regeneration, Volume, Tuning
  • Connections: Aerial, Earth, Phone
  • Plug In Coils

Optional Accessories:

Short Wave Coil Kit