Spitfire AM medium Wave Transmitters

Vintage Radio Collectors

So you have just finished restoring your 1930's vintage radio and want to listen to some relaxing music or a genuine "Old Time Radio" show.

But unfortunately all your favourite radio stations have moved to FM or digital radio

What is needed is a way to re-transmitting the signals on Medium Wave at low power, so that your vintage AM radio can be tuned into them properly.

So hook up a Spitfire to your CD-Player, FM Radio or MP3-Player and re-transmit your favourite music and shows on to Medium Wave as in the olden days.

USA Local Community Radio Station

So you want to run a "Low Power AM" Local Community Radio Station, and need a 100mw FCC compliant AM Medium Wave transmitter. (US ONLY)

The Spitfire low power (100mw) AM modulator is designed for just that purpose. It is a small mains powered unit, which connects to any mono or stereo source and provides a high-quality AM output, which may be tuned across the MW band.

FCC Part 15 compliant

Q. We re-designed our famous Gizmo transmitter, we were going to call the new transmitter the Gizmo II but it's so good we have called it the Spitfire, after another engineering Icon of the twentieth century.

  • Active Stereo Mixer
  • Digital Frequency Synthesizers
  • Professional 16 stage ATU (Antenna Tuning Unit)
  • Audio level and Modulation Monitor LED
  • Dual Mono or Stereo channels
  • RCA Audio and RF Connectors
  • Blow-out proof RF Stage
  • External Ground Connections
  • Internal Controls for Frequency, ATU Course Tuning, ATU Fine Tuning
  • Fully Regulated Power Supply
  • Stereo Cable with twin RCA plugs and 3.5mm jack
  • 3 Metre Antenna
  • FCC part 15 compliant

The Spitfire transmitter is ready built and ready to run...at an very affordable price!

The Spitfire employs a crystal controlled frequency synthesizer for accurate tuning and drift free frequency stability. The synthesizer tunes the entire AM broadcast band (500 - 1750 kHz) and also covers the 160M amateur band. The Spitfire provides the full 100 mill-watts, as allowed for FCC Part 15 operation without a license.

A new updated RF output and modulator stages that results in very low distortion and modulation right up 100%, and an almost indestructible output stage. Also comes with a inbuilt two channel mixer for Stereo to Mono conversion or twin channel Mono audio sources. Inbuilt 16 stage ATU (Antenna Tuning Unit) with variable capacitor to peak the network to match a 3 Metre Antenna as specified under Part 15 rules. To make setting up the transmitter as simple as possible it also has magic eye tuning LED.

Fully built and tested, and supplied with "universal" switch mode power supply, standard 3 meter wire antenna and audio cable.

EU R&TTE directive and EMC Directive 2004/108/EC - in order to purchase this item, you must agree that:-

1. For use in the Netherlands for a “laagvermogen AM” (LPAM) license granted by Agentschap Telecom.
2. The item will only be used within a completely RF screened and shielded metal enclosure or environment for testing, evaluation, experimental or laboratory purposes and any other use that does not radiate electro-magnetic waves into free space.
I am not an unqualified end user and I have RF engineering and electromagnetic compatibility skills at my disposal.
3. You intend to export the item to an address outside the European Union. Under no circumstances will this item be resold or put into service within the European Union.

4. For use by a Licensed Radio Amateur on 160M Band