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Spitfire AM Transmitter USA Version with 10KHz Channels and US power Lead

Community Radio Stations and Vintage Radio Collectors around the world, use the Spitfire AM Transmitter, generally accepted as having one of the best Frequency Synthesizers and Modulators of any Part 15 compliant AM transmitter available.

Spitfire PLL Medium Wave and 160M Amateur band AM Transmitter10KHz Channel Spacing

  • Active Stereo Mixer
  • RF Filters
  • Professional ATU (Antenna Tuning Unit) with Variable Capacitor
  • Built in Audio level and Modulation monitor
  • New Audio and RF Connectors
  • Blow-out proof RF Stage
  • External Ground Connections
  • Internal Controls for Frequency, ATU Course Tuning, ATU Fine Tuning
  • Audio Cable 3.5mm Male to Male Jack plug.
  • New 3 Metre Antenna

The Spitfire transmitter is ready built and ready to run...at an affordable price...with the performance and features of units costing many times the price...!

The Spitfire employs a crystal controlled frequency synthesizer for accurate tuning and drift free frequency stability. The synthesizer tunes the entire AM broadcast band (500 - 1800 kHz) and the 160M Amateur Band. And provides the full 100 mill-watts, as allowed for FCC Part 15 operation without a license.

The Spitfire employs an updated RF output and modulator stages with new features that results in very low distortion modulation right up 100%, and an almost indestructible output stage. And the ATU (Antenna Tuning Unit) has an variable capacitor to peak the network to match a 3 Metre Antenna as specified under Part 15 rules.

The Spitfire also has a two channel mixer for either Stereo to Mono or twin channel Mono audio sources.

The Spitfire printed circuit board uses a grounding technique that splits the RF and Audio grounds, as well as providing and external grounding point. In addition a new external "universal"power supply provides regulated DC power to the transmitter, supplied with county specific power leads for the USA.

  • Fully Built and Tested: High Quality PCB, Plastic CASE to IP56
  • AC Power Adapter: Power Supply 12-15V DC 90-240V AC 50-60 Hz
  • Audio Cables and Antenna included.
  • Audio Cable 3.5mm Male to Male Jack plug.
  • 3 Metre Antenna with RCA (Phono)
  • Crystal Controlled Frequency Synthesizer covers entire AM broadcast band. 500KHz to 1800 KHz in 9 or 10KHz steps


  • Frequency Range (Broadcast): 530 to 1800 KHz and 160M Amateur band
  • Frequency Range (programmable):500 to 1800 KHz in 10 KHz steps (US Mode), 500 to 1700 KHz in 9 KHz steps (EU Mode)
  • Frequency Selection: 8 way DIP switch
  • Frequency Stability 30ppm
  • Fundamental Crystal Frequency:
  • 10.240 MHz (US Mode) for 10 KHz channels
  • Modulation Type: Amplitude Modulation (AM)
  • Maximum Modulation Level: 100%
  • Power Input to RF Amplifier: 100mw (US Mode) to comply to FCC Part 15 rules
  • Antenna: Supplied with 3 metre antenna
  • Antenna Matching: Pi-network with Antenna matching using:- Inbuilt ATU, with trimmer to peak antenna resonance, External ATU
  • Audio Response: 10 Hz to 25 KHz
  • Audio Distortion: 0.5 % THD via audio stage
  • Audio Input Sensitivity: (min) 100 mv RMS for 100% modulation
  • Indicators: Combined Audio Level / Modulation Level
  • Connectors:
  • RF Socket RCA
  • Audio 3.5mm Socket
  • DC Power 2.1mm
  • Ground
  • RF Ground: Separate ground terminal
  • Antenna Socket: RCA Socket
  • Power Consumption: 12 - 15 V DC @ < 300 ma
  • Dimensions: Width 120 mm, Depth 80 mm, Height 30 mm


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