90 Volt Battery Eliminator

90 Volt Battery Eliminator
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Product Information

Battery Eliminator for Valve Radios 90v, 67v & 45v HT and  1.5v LT

Using a battery powered, valve portable radio, is no longer an easy thing to do. The dual-voltage 90 volt and 1.5 volt batteries went out of production in the late 1960's.

The mains-powered 'battery eliminator' now makes it possible to run your battery powered valve radio. Additionally, now that radio tubes are no longer in production, it makes good sense to provide close regulation of the low-voltage 'A' supply to the valve filaments so that their life is not brought to a premature end. (The actual voltage is 1.4 volts, but is commonly refered to as 1.5v)

This design uses a  voltage regulator for the low-tension heater supply (the 'A' supply), and a double insulated transformer to provide the 90v (the 'B' supply).


  • HT Voltage: Internally selectable at 45v, 67.5v and 90v @ 30ma max
  • LT Voltage: Fixed at 1.4v @ 300ma max (2v version available to special order)
  • Mains Voltage 115v, 220v or 230v set for destination country (UK, EU or USA)
  • Shipped with correct power lead for destination country (UK, EU or USA) an

Also available as less case (open frame)

Product Code BATT-ELIM
Manufacturer 6V6
Condition New
Weight 0.800Kg


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